Sparring Sessions

This is where you will come to practice the techniques you have been learning throughout your Muay Thai training journey.

Unfortunately, these classes are exclusive for members, and there are a few requirements for you to start attending them. One of our instructors will need to give you a consent in order for you to attend those session.

In most cases, is not even about the sparring itself, the technical aspect of it, as we do not allow hard sparring whatsoever here at SRG Thai Boxing Gym.

It comes down, mostly, to your fitness level, as everyone needs to go for a 40 – 45 minute run, everyone needs to come back and do their mobility work and get their hands wrapped for shadow boxing.

After 2 rounds of shadow, you then get your whole kit on and start the 8 rounds of Muay Thai and the 3 rounds of Boxing. Not to forget the 100 push ups, 200 knees to the bag and the 500 sit ups you will do in the end of the class.

The required equipment for the Sparring Sessions are: 16 oz gloves, shin guards, groin guard and a mouth guard. You can also use a head gear and elbow pads, but it is not mandatory.