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Here at SRG Thai Boxing we specialize in teaching the authentic Martial art of Muay Thai. With extensive experience in the field, we pride ourselves in offering the best training opportunity to students from across the world in the heart of Sydney. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing offers something for everybody, from fitness, weight loss, self-defence or competition. All you need to do is to turn up with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Home of currently Australian Champions Luis Regis, SRG Thai Boxing also invests a lot into offering its students a complete Thai experience, by not only bringing some of the most renowned Trainers directly from Thailand but also by offering everyone the understanding about the Thai Culture, Thai costumes and folklore.

From absolute first timers to the Art of 8 Limbs to professional fighters, we cater to everyone from the age of 4, in all different levels of experience and If you’re a beginner and afraid of coming into a fight gym for the first time, we are happy to offer you a FREE TRIAL Class to one of our Beginners, Fundamentals or All Level Classes.

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