Fighters Classes

If you made your way up to this class to begin with, you already deserve some serious respect. There is not many out there that are welcome to this particular training session. You need to deserve it to earn it.

Second of all, it is mandatory to have a pair of running shoes for every single class. That’s right, there is a 45 minute run prior to every training session.

This is where it’s all done, and where we push the hardest. Fighters are the ones that are carrying the name of our Academy for the world to see, so we need to make sure that they are up to speed and ready for the task.

Having a selective group of fighters and Luis Regis and Deaw Patsanon as their head coaches, the SRG Fighting team is really well represented. If you are as yet not allowed in this class, this is definitely a class that you want to come in and watch, is the inspiration for all the students that one day would like to be there.