Beginner Muay Thai Classes

The Beginners Classes at SRG Thai Boxing Gym is by far our busiest group training session.

Designed to accommodate everyone that works “business hours” in the best way possible, this class is the everyday evening session for everyone to come over and break a sweat, while learning authentic Muay Thai Techniques.

Once you done the Introduction Free Trial Class, The Fundamentals Class and is now feeling confident with your pad holding abilities as well as the mobility work (the exercises we do straight after the warm-up/skipping) this class is the one that will take your training to the next level.

Here you will learn all your Muay Thai techniques, will be encouraged and guided into how develop your fitness level and also how to gain the flexibility required in order to perform some of the most advanced techniques.

With blasting background music and the atmosphere of a traditional Muay Thai Gym, this class will make your love for the sport grow enormously, you will feel your technique developing as well as your training partners too, and from then on you are sure to be indulged on a new activity for life. Muay Thai is our life and we hope it also becomes yours!

Gain Fitness and Flexibility

Yes its a workout, and yes its fun! At SRG you’ll do more than work up a sweat. Regular training will help you in both body and mind.

Condition and Strengthen Your Body

Training Muay Thai means using your whole body. Let us inspire you to go that extra step.

Improve Endurance and Cardio

Also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, our training will improve your physical performance and capabilities.

The Ultimate Motivator

Martial arts have long been a temple for the mind. Developing your body, exerting yourself and learning new techniques grows your will power and resolve.

Lose Weight and Tone Your Body

This isn’t your regular gym routine. You’ll be doing the same training techniques used in the highest levels of Muay Thai fighting.

Convenient Location

We are located on Botany Road, Alexandria, 10 minutes from the Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. Lots of public transport + local parking.


Full Membership - $65 p/w

Unlimited training, unlimited potential! You get unrestricted access to all classes listed in the timetable for only $65 per week.

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2 Classes Per Week - $55 p/w

Keep it casual but consistent! Choose any two classes from our timetable each week.


10 Class Pass - $300

Are you a casual visitor and want to save money on every visit? The 10 class pass is perfect for the occasional training session. As with the weekly membership, you can attend beginners and all levels classes only.

Please note that Int/Adv classes and sparring are for members only.

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