Boxing Classes

The Boxing Classes at SRG Thai Boxing Gym are catered for everyone trying to sharpen their hands and also for those that are looking to mostly work with their upper bodies.

We are not a Boxing Academy, we also don’t participate in Boxing competitions/fights and we focus on getting all our students to have a great workout also while learning boxing techniques and speed drills with our instructors Chayakorn Sriprasertsup (Kubi) and Dillon Gauci.

The guys have developed an amazing class, with a great structure and we invite you all to participate. Learning how to hold pads and how to work with a partner is necessary to attend this particular program, so make sure to NOT TURN UP for a Boxing Class expecting to do it as a free trial.

PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT OFFER THIS AS A TRIAL CLASS – You must do a Muay Thai Trial class first in order to attend these sessions (no exceptions) and we only do this to ensure you have the best training experience when coming to SRG Thai Boxing Gym.