Muay Thai Classes

At SRG we teach everybody from beginners through to professional fighters.

Muay Thai offers something for everybody, from fitness, weight loss, self-defence and competition. All we ask is turn up with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

We pride ourselves on teaching our students a full range of authentic Muay Thai techniques and sharing the culture of this beautiful martial art.

Regular training has improved the lives of every student in our academy. You can develop fitness, improve confidence and give yourself a positive and constructive outlet for stress. Muay Thai is an intense and holistic martial art that can help you in body and mind.

  • Develop Fitness & Flexibility
  • Build Strength & Conditioning
  • Improve your Cardio and Endurance
  • Experience New Motivation
  • Weight-loss and Body Toning
  • Learn Self-Defence

Adult Memberships

Full Membership - $55 p/w

Unlimited training, unlimited potential! You get unrestricted access to all the classes listed in the timetable for only $50 per week.

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2 Classes Per Week - $50 p/w

Keep it casual but consistent! Choose any two classes from our classes each week.


Adult Casual Attendance

10 Class Pass - $275

Are you a casual visitor and want to save money on every visit? The 10 class pass is perfect for the occasional training session. As with the weekly membership, you can attend beginners and all levels classes only.

Please note that Int/Adv classes are members only.

Come and see us at the gym reception to purchase.

Casual Visit - $32.50

Have you done a free trial and want another taste?

Need a once-a-week visit? Single classes are just $32.50 each.

Come and see us at the gym reception to purchase.


Kids Membership - $40 p/w

Sign up for 3 kids classes per week.

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Kids Membership - $35 p/w

Sign up for 2 kids classes per week.

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Private Training

Great entry point of Muay Thai for extreme beginners or to the ones intending to take their skills to the next level.

Read more about comprehensive personal training clicking here.

Come and see us at the gym reception to purchase.

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